How to Make Balloon Garlands at Home (Unique Ideas 2024)

Balloons are a great way to make any event festive and colorful. But if you really want to impress, try making balloon garlands. Balloon garlands are the perfect decoration for parties, weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and the list goes on. And, they're surprisingly easy to make. In this post, we’ll take a look at how to make balloon garland and what things you need to get started. 

How many Balloons you'll Need for different-sized Garlands

You will need different number of balloons for different-sized garlands. Here are some estimated numbers:

  • For a small garland, you'll need around 30 balloons.
  • For a medium garland, you'll need around 60 balloons.
  • For a large garland, you'll need around 90 balloons.

Custom Balloon Decoration Services

If you are from UAE, you can order balloons packs for creating your DIY garlands. You can also check more Balloon decoration ideas here and contact us for your personal customize decoration.

Tips for Making Your Balloon Garland Last Longer

For Helium Filled Balloons:

If you're using helium-filled balloons, be sure to knot the end of each balloon before attaching it to the string or ribbon. This will prevent the gas from escaping and keeping your balloon garland afloat for a longer period of time.

For Air Filled Balloons:

If you're using air-filled balloons, be sure to use a high-quality pump to inflate the balloons. Avoid over-inflating the balloons as this can cause them to pop.

Pro Tips:

To keep your balloon garland looking its best, avoid placing it in direct sunlight. The heat can cause the balloons to fade or even pop.

If you must display your garland in a sunny spot, try covering it with a light cloth or sheet to protect it from the sun's rays.

Be sure to take down your balloon garland when it's no longer needed. Leaving it up for too long can cause the balloons to deflate and lose their shape.

Balloon Garland Ideas with Images

Here we've rounded up some of our favorite balloon garland ideas with real pictures, from classic balloon arches to over-the-top designs.

Boy or girl newborn baby garland ideas

Elegant balloons garland ideas unique 2023

Happy birthday garland ideas

Happy Birthday Unque Garland ideas 2023

Outdoor balloons garland ideas for party decor

Simple Happy Birthday Decent Garland

Unique Baby boy garland ideas

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Lets watch some video tutorials to learn making balloons garland from experts:

1. Classic Balloon Arch

This classic balloon arch is perfect for any occasion, from birthday parties to baby showers. All you need is a few hundred balloons in your desired colors, plus some fishing line or clear tape. Follow our step-by-step tutorial here and you'll be a pro in no time.


2. Ombre Balloon Garland

Want something a little more unique? Try this ombre balloon garland! It's perfect for graduation parties, weddings, and more. All you need is a mix of balloons in gradating shades of your chosen color (we love this pink and gold combo!).

Just attach the balloons to fishing line or clear tape, starting with the lightest shade at the bottom and working your way up.

3. Giant Balloon Flowers

These giant balloon flowers are sure to make a statement at your next party! They're actually pretty easy to make - just grab some large balloons, inflate them partially, and tie them off in bunches. Then, use clear tape or fishing line to attach the bunches together, forming flower shapes as you go. Check out full tutorial below.


We hope this guide has given you the knowledge and skills to create your own balloon garland. With a few basic things and some creativity, you can unleash your inner party designer and make your special occasion even more memorable. Whether it’s for a birthday or any other celebration, creating a stunning balloon garland is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Cheers:)