Top 10 Mother’s Day Decoration Ideas in Dubai (2024)

A Mother's Day party is a perfect opportunity to gather your loved ones together and create cherished memories. To make the event even more special, you can decorate the venue with some of these inspiring Mother's Day decoration ideas. From floral arrangements to balloon bouquets, these suggestions will help you create a festive atmosphere that make your mom feel special and loved.

1. Floral Arrangements

Flowers are an excellent way to brighten up any room, and they are perfect for Mother’s Day. You can create a beautiful floral arrangement by choosing her favorite flowers and arranging them in a vase or basket. You can also add some greenery, like ferns or ivy, to make the arrangement even more beautiful. On Special occasion of Mother’s day, you can grab special Mother’s day Flowers as well to make your event more personalized.

2. Balloon Decorations

Balloons are a fun and festive way to celebrate any occasion, and Mother’s Day is no exception. You can create a beautiful balloon bouquet by choosing her favorite colors and adding some special touches, such as ribbons or flowers. Just like flowers, you can also get Happy Mother’s Day Balloons to decorate your party.

Pro Tip: You can also use combos of Balloons and Flower Bouquets for Mother’s day.

Make Balloon garlands, or decorate flower bouquets all around to create Mother’s day theme, usually lights colors use for this event like white, green, orange, pink and blue etc.

3. Candles Decoration

Candles are a beautiful and relaxing way to create a cozy atmosphere in any indoor party. You can add beautiful candles in various arrangements and even add some flowers around it. You can also add some special touches, such as personalized messages or favorite scents, to make the candle decoration even more special.

4. Mother’s Day Cake

A special Happy Mother's Day cake is a delightful way to celebrate the Mom day. It add extra celebration vibes in your party. Make sure to add a special message to let your mom know how much she means to you. Whether it's "Happy Mother's Day" or a heartfelt note of appreciation, your message will make the cake even more special and memorable.

5. DIY Family Photos Gallery

Another excellent Mother’s Day decoration idea is to create a DIY Family photos gallery. Gather some of your favorite photos of you and your mom and arrange them on a board or wall. You can also add some special touches, such as flowers or ribbons, to make the gallery even more special. You can also use it as wall art.

6. Handmade Cards for Mom

Handmade cards are a thoughtful and heartfelt way to show your mom how much you love her. You can use different materials, such as paper, fabric, or even wood, to create a unique and beautiful card. You can also add some personal touches, such as a special message or a favorite quote. Cards do not directly add decoration value unless you put them on countertops to highlight them.

7. Brunch or Dinner Table Decorations

 If you’re planning on hosting a Mother’s Day brunch or even a dinner, you can create some beautiful table decorations to make the occasion even more special. You can use flowers, candles, and other Mother’s day decorative items to create a beautiful centerpiece. You can also use special dishes and utensils to make the table setting even more beautiful.

8. Wall Art for Your Mom

Wall art is an excellent way to add some personality and style to any room. You can create a beautiful and unique piece of wall art for your mom by using different materials, such as fabric, wood, or canvas. You can also add some special touches, such as a favorite quote or a special message.

If you are not good in art, you can also grab some mother day special vinyl wall arts which can be easily pasted on walls.

9. DIY Flower Pots and Vases:

If your mom loves gardening, you can create some beautiful DIY flower pots for her. You can use different materials, such as clay or plastic, to create a unique and beautiful flower pot. On Mom’s Day, you can get specially decorated vases.

10. Use Curtains and Ribbons:

Using curtains and ribbons is another unique but creative idea to decorate Mother's Day venue.

You can create a ribbon garland, add decorative tiebacks to your curtains, or make ribbon bouquets, these simple DIY decorations can make a big impact.

Choose colors and patterns according to mother's day theme to create a personalized touch.


These are just a few of the many amazing Mothers Day decoration ideas for 2023 that you can use to show your love and appreciation for your mom. Remember to choose decorations that reflect your mom’s personality and style, and add some special touches to make them even more meaningful.

If you are from UAE and want us to help you decorate your event, feel free to contact us for all type of floral and balloon decorations. Happy Mother’s Day!