Happy Birthday wishes images

Birthday wishes are always unique because they provide you with a genuine opportunity to express your deep emotions for someone. It is a day when you let them know how lucky you are to have them in life. 

You can write a beautiful wish on the birthday of people who are close to you and send it to make them feel loved. Every one of us loves to read birthday wishes because they bring inspiration and positivity in life as well. 

It’s essential to choose written words for a birthday wish that can genuinely represent your feelings and relation with the birthday person. If you are looking for some of the most attractive and heart-touching birthday wishes, then here you will find happy birthday wishes for greeting cards.

Short Birthday Wishes:

You can write a precise happy birthday wish to your loved one on a greeting card and send it to them. Short birthday wishes are more attractive because they contain more feelings in minimum words.

Best short Birthday wishes for card

If you are looking for short birthday wishes for someone special, friends, and family, you can get many unique wishes from here, so look at them.

  1. I wish you a happy birthday as bright and beautiful as your smile. Happy Birthday, Dear!
  2. Another year older, but you are turning lovelier with every passing year. I wish you a Happy Birthday darling!
  3. I wish you all the happiness of this world on this special day. Happy Birthday!
  4. Happy Birthday, Dear! I hope you have a day full of joy, love, and fun.
  5. You are getting more fabulous with every year passing. Happy Birthday, Dear!
  6. Happy birthday to someone who looks beautiful while smiling!
  7. Celebrate on this day like there is no tomorrow. Happy Birthday!
  8. You may be one for the world, but to me, you’re the one.
  9. Celebrate your day with the people who love you most, and I am one of them.
  10. May your day be filled with joy and sweet surprises that bring more shine to your life.
  11. Another year, another opportunity to make memories with friends and family members.
  12. May your birthday be a day of endless happiness, so make it perfect with celebrations.
  13. Never stop dreaming, and keep being amazing. Happy Birthday.
  14. Your presence makes every day brighter for me and the world. Happy Birthday!
  15. Wishing you success, health, and boundless joy on this big day of your life.
  16. Another year of adventures and unforgettable moments that we have shared.
  17. Life is a beautiful journey, so I wish you to enjoy every moment of it.
  18. To a friend who’s always there, Happy Birthday, my Dear!
  19. Wishing you a year of love, success, and happiness. Happy Birthday.
  20. May your heart be as light as a birthday balloon and as beautiful as a rose.
  21. Celebrate today; it’s your time to rise and shine with new thoughts!
  22. Another year of life’s beautiful journey begins, so start a new chapter with love.
  23. May your birthday be a day filled with absolute happiness and success!
  24. Keep chasing your dreams and reaching for the stars every year. Happy Birthday.
  25. Wishing you a year filled with endless opportunities and joy.
  26. It is time to celebrate and make unforgettable memories with dear ones.
  27. Happy Birthday! May your birthday be the start of something great.
  28. To a unique soul, happy birthday, and best wishes for the year!

Cute Birthday Wishes:

If you are searching for some cute birthday wishes that can make the day of the birthday person, then look at these wishes that are specially written with beautiful words.

Happy birthday wishes for card image

  1. You’re the sweetest and most amazing birthday cake I’ve ever seen! Happy Birthday Dear
  2. You’re the sprinkles on my cupcake, so you are my favorite Happy Birthday.
  3. Happy birthday, my dear friend; you’re the icing on my cake.
  4. You’re the birthday wish I’d make yearly, and my wishes are always with you.
  5. You’re the reason I smile every day, and you are also a motivation for me.
  6. I’m so lucky to have you in my life, and I want you always. Happy Birthday!
  7. May your birthday be filled with everything you love, so best wishes for your future.
  8. I hope you have a day that’s as special as you are, filled with love and happiness.
  9. Happy birthday to the cutest person; I have a lot of best wishes for you.
  10. You’re my favorite person in the whole world, and I love to spend time with you. Happy Birthday Dear
  11. I love you more than words can say, so I simply say. Happy Birthday!
  12. Another year, another chance to shine and show the world your cuteness and success. Happy Birthday, my Dear.
  13. “You’re not just a year older; you’re a year wiser, unique, and adorable. Many wishes on this big day.
  14. I wish you a day filled with rainbows and the entire fantastic things. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  15. Here’s to another year of being unique, fabulous, and charming.
  16. On your special day, may you find joy in the little things and shine like a star. Happy Birthday
  17. Age is but a fleeting moment, but your cuteness will last forever. Happy birthday, forever young and beautiful.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Greeting Cards:

Everyone likes to read funny birthday wishes on their birthday because they are the best source of bringing a smile to the face.

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes

If you are going to wish a happy birthday to a person who is close to you, then you can use these funny birthday wishes. 

  1. Remember, you’re not getting old; you’re turning classic! Happy birthday, my friend.
  2. People say age is just a number, but in your case, it’s a pretty significant number—many wishes on your birthday.
  3. Happy birthday, sweet friend. On this birthday, you are not older; you’re just a little more vintage.
  4. I wish you a day filled with happiness, fun, and fewer wrinkles than last year. Happy birthday, dear!
  5. On this big day of your life, don’t count the candles, but count the memories. I am wishing you a delighted birthday.
  6. Your birthday is not entirely necessary, but it’s the cake and ice cream that matter. Happy Birthday.
  7. Age is a state of mind and figure, and you’re still in good condition and formation.
  8. Wisdom comes with age, and you are the wisest person I know.
  9. Think about all the wisdom you have gained with every passing year and all the hair you’ve lost! Happy birthday, my sweet friend.

    Sending a greeting card on a birthday is another lovely task because it makes people happy that you prioritize their happiness and express your thoughts on a greeting card. It would be best if you wrote some unique wishes on a greeting card that can make their day happier.