Best Eid al Adha Decoration Ideas for Dubai, UAE (2024)

Eid al Adha is the best occasion to celebrate happiness with your loved ones. In Dubai (UAE), people gather and celebrate this beautiful day. Families and friends love to celebrate this day with their loved ones.

Before starting decorations, you must think about the venue and decorate accordingly. Go for different indoor and outdoor decorations because it will help add more colors and attractions.

Here you will get many beautiful ways to decorate your place:

1. Eid Wishes Balloon Bouquet

Balloon bouquets are versatile. You can use them on all occasions. For Eid al Adha, you should prefer balloon bouquets. These contain different Eid wishes on them.

Eid wishes balloon bouquets with hi-float are ideal to use for decoration purposes. Different colored balloons with star and crescent-shaped balloons contain wishes. They will give a perfect look to your decorations.

2. Eid Custom Text Balloons

    Custom text balloons provide you with the real opportunity to keep your decorations purposeful and attractive. You can easily buy your desired Eid custom text balloons from

    You can choose the desired balloons from a wide range of Eid decoration balloons at attractive prices. A 15-inch black-colored round foil balloon with a gold written Eid Mubarak is a great choice to keep your decoration simple yet attractive.

    You can use these balloons in different home or office rooms and enjoy this Eid with more fun.

    3. Black and Silver Eid Mubarak Balloons

    Black and silver Eid Mubarak balloons are also a considerable choice. They resemble celebrations and popularity. You can decorate your desired place with the help of black and silver balloons. They also have some customized balloons with Eid Mubarak text.

    4. Eid Balloon Banner with Flower Arrangement

      Get the perfect combination of balloons with flower arrangements for enhanced decoration. You can buy an Eid balloon banner that contains Eid wishes with flower arrangements.

      It will be the best decoration choice for this upcoming Eid al Adha. It comprises of different flowers and a crescent balloon.

      5. 3D Effects Star Balloon

      Bring your balloon decoration to the next level with the help of a 3D effects star balloon. It will create a perfect night atmosphere in the decorated venue.

      A 3D effect star helium balloon with string is available at So everyone will love your decoration skills.

      6. Balloon Pillar

        Balloon pillars are attractive decoration choices for special events like Eid al Adha. You can go for a set of two classic chrome balloon pillars with a foil star balloon at the top.

        These balloon pillars can also be hung with stands so anyone can notice them from a significant distance. This decoration technique is suitable for entrance points to seek people's attention.

        7. Letter Balloons

        Letter balloons can create different customized text related to Eid-al-Adha. You can decorate your room with some lovely Eid wishes with the help of letter balloons. It is also a great idea to decorate your kid's room with Eid wishes and kids' names using these letter balloons.

        8. Fresh Flowers

        Fresh flowers are not only ideal for decoration purposes, but they also provide a sense of freshness and peace in any place. It is the reason that people prefer to decorate their homes, offices, weddings, anniversaries, and parties with fresh flowers.

        Eid al Adha is a special occasion. You can bring more love and calmness to it with the help of the right flower decorations. Here we are with a few fresh flower decoration ideas to help you get the right looks for your desired place.

        9. Red and White Roses

          You can add more appealing looks to your decorations with the help of fresh flowers. If you are looking for Eid al Adha decorations, a combination of red and white roses is preferable.

          You can use a bouquet of these roses for decorating your home. You can go for their centerpieces, wall hangings, and garlands to add wow facts to decorations.

          10. Mixed Flowers Hat Box

            Mixed flowers have their unique charm. For Eid al Adha, you can decorate your home with the help of a mixed flowers hat box. This box contains different flowers tied in a hat box for the best looks.

            11. Pink Roses

              A bouquet of pink roses is also best for completing your decoration requirements. You can decorate walls and centerpieces with the help of various pink roses. Adding some red roses will give more depth to your decorations.

              12. Hand Tied Bouquets

                Hand-tied bouquets are for decoration purposes. You can choose flowers of your choice for the preparation of these bouquets. In Dubai (UAE), you can buy hand-tied bouquets from online stores like

                13. Foil Curtains

                For Eid al Adha decorations, you will get different ideas. But if we talk about famous decoration items, then foil curtains are among them.

                They come in various designs, sizes, styles, and colors. Following are a few popular foil curtain decoration ideas that you can utilize for Eid al Adha decorations.

                14. Matte Silver Foil Curtains

                  Matte silver foil curtains provide an attractive look to any decoration. You can use this decoration for Eid al Adha. It goes well with all kinds of formal and informal decorations.

                  15. Green And Gold Foil Curtains

                  Are you looking for nature-inspired decorations?

                  If yes, then you can go for green foil curtains. They will also provide the best background for your family photos on Eid al-Adha.

                  If you want to add the look of luxury and glamour to your decorations, then gold foil curtains are ideal for you. You can hang these foil curtains at the entrance of your room or on the back wall. They will provide the best looks for your decorations.

                  Final Wording

                  No event is complete without balloon decorations. They are a significant part of our lives. On this upcoming Eid al Adha, you have the right opportunity to make your place a most attractive destination with some unique balloon decoration ideas.