5 Incredible Ideas for Birthday Balloon Decoration in Dubai (UAE)

When we think of birthday parties, we probably think of balloons, cakes, a lot of people, and too much fun. A birthday is an occasion to celebrate with friends and family. Nowadays, birthday themes and decorations seem to play an important role. The party planners and decorators came up with great birthday ideas for the little ones. The only idea that seems to never go out of style is balloon decoration. You can make decorations. Spend the perfect birthday with balloons at home!

Balloons are party lights! Not only will they decorate the birthday party, but they will also gather the team for balloon blasting. The balloon birthday theme has always been fun and easy. Bright and colourful balloons are perfect for any birthday. In addition to balloon decorations, you can also use various other birthday party decorations on the market, such as confetti, ribbons, lace, pendants and birthday buttons to make the party happy. Read on for some effortless birthday balloon decoration ideas.

 Five ideas take your birthday decoration to the next level

  1. Garland of balloons

This is the most common idea to decorate your home with birthday balloons. All you have to do is take a rope and thread the helium balloons from one end to the other, from one end to the other. The colour can be one or two colours. The colourful balloons also left a deep impression.

Materials needed: balloons of different colours, rope to tie inflatable balloons.

The method is as follows: Inflate the balloon. You can coordinate the shadows accordingly. Use tape and rope to tie them to the wall or wherever you think fits the location.

Happy Birthday Balloons Banner rainbow


  1. The balloon arch

The helium balloons are placed side by side to form an arch. With this balloon arch, you can decorate the entrance of the party hall. The spotlight on this arch can produce a good effect. Colour can be selected according to needs.

The method is as follows: 

You can inflate the balloon with the air pump that inflates the balloon. Then tie them tightly and form a bow. When decorating the entrance of a party venue, the decoration type looks best.

balloon arch


  1. Candies and sweet-filled balloons

This is the most traditional way to decorate birthdays with balloons. It is more suitable when there are a few children. You can take a giant balloon, fill it with chewing gum, inflate it, and place it on the table where you can cut the cake. After the birthday boy blows out the candles, they can puncture the balloon with a needle, and the lollipop will fall. This is a fun activity that children will enjoy. You can use large sizes and candies for your choice.

The method is as follows: 

Fill each balloon with candy and blow it out. Tie the balloon with a rope and hang it on the birthday cake. Once your child finishes the cutting for cakes, you can pop the balloons, and the candies fall!


  1. Return gift birthday balloons decorations

This is especially useful when you have a group of children visiting. You can tie the balloon in a reusable gift box or basket and place it in the corner. This will make the children in the audience curious and wait for the whole party.

Materials needed: return gifts, balloons, ropes.

 The method is as follows:

Inflate the balloons and tie them together with a string. Use the rope attached to each balloon to tie the rewards of each gift.


  1. Glow stick balloon

This decoration idea is perfect in dim or dark lighting. The glow stick can be put into a balloon and then inflated with gas. These helium balloons rise and stick to the ceiling of the room. This will produce a glowing effect. These balloons can also be hung upside down from the ceiling with a long string. This creates the illusion of a starry sky.

Materials needed: light sticks available at birthday shops Dubai, balloons, ropes, double-sided ribbons. , Streamers.


 Insert the glow stick into the balloon and inflate it with helium; you can hire a professional to do this to make the balloon float. Tie them together with coloured threads or ribbons, and then glue them to the ceiling.

 Final thoughts

There are some more exciting ways to use balloons to create fun and beautiful birthday party themes. You can also seek help from a professional birthday party decorator from birthday shop Dubai. There are many preferred online centres to connect you with qualified professionals for any specific job. All you have to do is log in and search for your requirements, and you will get a complete list of service providers of which to choose from!